Dozer’s Workshop Giveaway!

Its over now, but the official announcement will not be made until tomorrow. Very much a nail biter! Ill let you all know how it went as soon as i know. I am currently in fourth by 4 votes. Thanks for all of your help!

Papa needs a new set of drills! I am in a bind and in a contest. I am trying to win one of three DeWalt tool sets worth either $600 or $280 from I would love to just be able to go out and buy what I need, but it is just not in the budget. I need help to make it happen, and I want to make it worth your while…

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Never Ending Story: Shop Cleanup

After failing miserably in the Alliance Rubber’s Messiest Garage Contest (I don’t honestly know how that happened) the burden still lays on me to get the workshop cleaned up.  Add to that the fact that we need to get the flooring done in our house.  I will need a place to work on that project, since I am putting in Laminate Flooring starting July 5th. Continue reading

Trying to clean up a little…

To the one or two people who read my blog:

I am trying to make the reading process a little easier by cleaning up how my blog appears on the homepage.  If you care to let me know, please do let me know what you think of my changes.   I have been doing a bit of learning about how the blog should appear, and what formatting actually does.

Any non shop or building related posts will now appear on my other blog site:

Dozer’s Workshop Blog Poll: What do you want to see?

Let there be studs! (3rd Bedroom Part 3)

So now that the existing wall has been Demo-lished… to a certain extent, it is time to get into the framing of the new wall. 

One of the problems that would have to deal with before the wall could really be all worked out was the wiring.  The existing switches for both rooms are now in what will be the new doorway and in the 3rd bedroom to boot.  How hard can it be to move a couple of switches around the corner.  Umm not quite as easy as I had hoped.

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Messiest Garage Contest & The Continuing Quest

Who has the Messiest Garage? Well NOT me according to Alliance Rubber Company’s contest they just held for the messiest Garage. At least I am trying to use this as proof to my wife that it could be worse.

Here is my shop right now:


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2 months in and 40 lbs down!

I know this post has been a long time coming…but in the sequence below, you will see what happened since I hit the 30 lb mark.

What the WII thought of me…


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The @GorillaGlue Made Me Do It!

What Do You Get  When You Cross…

I have the following items: Veneered sample board, Sheet Metal Flashing, Plastic Bag Clip, and an old calculator.  Tools:  Gorilla Glue, Crappy Chisel, Screwdriver, and pair of scissors.  Now what to do?  Cobble something together!


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Whoa? Where’d the Wall Go? (3rd Bedroom Part 2)

The start of any good renovation is the deconstruction

First thing to come out was the door.  Easy enough.  but to start bringing down the required portion of wall, I needed to hire an accupuncturist.  Enter my handy little helper.  Once the wall actually felt like it needed to accept change, things started to move along nicely.

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6 Week (+\-) and 30 lbs down

Just a little update! I have actually broken the 30 lb barrier as of this morning!