So I am in the process of creating Transition Strips for my home to help give the flooring areas in my home a more complete feel… typically, I would have just done the “normal” thing and bought the premade items from the store when I installed my laminate flooring…. I have to admit I about had a heart attack when I saw the price tag on those things….

It just seemed rediculous to me to pay over $20 for a piece of pattern wrapped MDF that was just going to chip and tear with any abuse, and swell at the first sign of moisture. I figured that I would make my own.

I have a large supply of Poplar sticks that I bought from a frame factory that was shutting down, and I only have about 28 cents in each 1.25×1.75×12′ stick… might as well use what I have.

IMG_2022 IMG_2023 IMG_2025 IMG_2026 IMG_2027 IMG_2028

Apparently I have a problem….I own a router, but I seem to refuse to use it since it gave me so many problems in the past…. I guess that is a good reason… but I have gotten a little creative with finding other ways to cut the rabbet that receives the end of the flooring.

The semi Traditional method was to simply chisel it out. This is how I did my most recent one. I’ll admit that it is rewarding and a great workout. I need the chiseling practice, but it was very time consuming even for a single rabbet on a 36″ strip.

I would love to just use a rabbeting block plane….but I don’t have one….DRAT!

I can be inventive though, because I love my circular saw. maybe not my safest moment ever, but I used my circular saw qith the wood clamped up in my workmate for most of the strips. Since the cuts were all on the underside for the Rabbets, I just followed the line by eye…I’m not too bad at it either. I clamped a few pieces wide in the workmate just to give the base of my Circ Saw something to ride on.

Once the Rabbets were cut, over the the Band Saw I went, to resaw the strips down from 1-1/4″ to the rough 3/4″ final thickness. I didn’t have to worry too much about the Bandsaw marks, because shaping the top of the transition was all done by hand with my refurbished No. 5 Stanley Plane. I suppose you could use a different size, but that is the only one I have with a blade still semi sharp 😉

Next one up is a 9′ long beast… it ought to be fun!


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