This past Saturday I got an opportunity to rework the shop a bit and make it more usable. The first job was to empy everything out of the Garage and to clean the space. I had the pleasure of sharing the time with my kiddos… Only a tiny bit of sarcasm… I really do enjoy having them around, but it does slow things down. Oh well, I just try to remember that getting them in the habit of spending time with me in the shop is smart now, so they will want to participate later….when they can actually follow instructions.

Click on the pictures… They link to videos!
Donations accepted to help fill it up

Although I was making my driveway look like a Haphazard Garage Sale, I just had to get the largest piece (and arguably most important) in it’s new home. Of course, its primary responsibility is to house Laborer Hydration Supplies, it does benefit the house by supplimenting available storage space… 🙂

I do have to say that there is a BIG sense of satisfaction that comes with seeing the shop actually empty. Sometimes, that is just what has to happen in order to re-order things.

Watch OUT!!

It’s all downhill from here…Especially for kids with toys.

The day is wearing on, at at least it is just down to the task of packing it all back in. Life still happens though in the mean time…. Kids need to be stopped from killing each other…. necessity breaks need to happen…. pets need to be fed.

Seaking of feeding pets…. when you live in a semi-rural area…. you can run into surprises.

ugh, I hate snakes.

SOMEONE thought that this Dog Food needed some extra protein…

I managed to set him free using a stick to peel him off of the tape…. I don’t think that he thanked me though. RUDE. Let me just say that I don’t like snakes… even the goofy little ones. But since I am the Man of the House, I know my job. That is what happens when you live in a town with this much woodland cover.

ANYHOW, I finally finished up in the early evening, maybe not as nicely as I had hoped since children deciding to get ILL shifts priorities pretty quickly. I at least have found a new structure of organization that will serve as a place to sort through the boxes and items for sale.

That's it, I quit for tonight!

Not perfect, but it is certainly servicable.

I put some thought into the way that I work on things, and tried to setup the area near the workbench to keep the ability to still be productive. Owing to the fact that the space is still a garage, I even have the ability to move a few things out of the way to fit a vehicle in if there should happen to be a storm approaching. Most of the things in the way for cars are the temporary items that will be moved out as things are sorted.

That should do for the time being, and feel free to share any comments or questions that you might have. I am trying to make an effort to post more often… I HAVE been a bit lazy.


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