As you may or may not have noticed, the company behind the website of has ceased operations.


I started noticing in July that there was little to no interaction with the tweets that I was sending, and that video posts were coming slower and slower. Not to mention that point redemtions were going unfulfilled. I had ordered a 10 coMANdments poster with points for my dad for Father’s Day, but it never arrived.

After a few weeks of making some inquiries and poking around on the internet, I was able to confirm that they had, infact, shut down.

Oddly enough, the ToolSelect website remains live and still gets some traffic on the Discussion board, where news of the shutdown is spreading. (The Main Man, Steven Glaesman, posted a response this morning in confirmation) The Communities on Google+ are still alive, I am a moderator for a few, so maybe that leaves me in charge (Mwa Ha Ha). And there are still live listings in their eBay store, though I hope no one tries to purchase anything, because I really doubt that fulfillment will take place. Their Ustream and Twitter feeds went dark a while ago, and I am sure there are other outlets that I haven’t mentioned.

On the whole, Thanks for what you did while you were here, ToolSelect. It was fun while it lasted. I could speculate about their business model, but I really shouldn’t since I am a very casual outside observer.

I’ve recevied work from the inside that they are looking into some other business ideas, so I hope the ToolSelect team may be rekindled at some point, but wherever they end up, I wish them the best.


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  1. NHSP759 Chris says:

    Hiya Dozer!!! Lots of stuff going on in personal land and lost sight of toolselect while I was getting back up. I just queried the site it was down and blam-o! I found your commentary! I hope you and Ken Page are well! God Bless and Good Luck!

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