This post is a bit slow in coming, sorry, but Life doesn’t like to slow down for my keyboard, apparently.

Previously, I have shared the story of what happened when one too many freebies showed up on my doorstep and the mandate to apply my skills to planning my Son’s Brithday Party.

The time came and we were able to throw a fun party for a great little boy.  It is definately the only kid’s party that I have ever seen that has included corporate sponsors.

We were able to use a banner donated by our friends at Grizzly tools to degnate the building activity area.  I prepared all of the needed pieces so the kids could assemble their own toolbox, which would serve as their goodie bag for the Party Goodies.


A Grizzly Banner and some Manly ToolSelect Commandments headed the table

The kiddos got to swing the hammer at the Toolbox station.  I prefabricated all of the parts out of MDF and predrilled all of the nail holes and handle recesses.  It was a great little activity that was easy to do for any skill level.  We made use of some Gorilla Glue Wood Glue during assembly, so I have no doubt that these boxes will last for years to come.  Even if the kids destroy them, at least the joints will hold together 🙂  On a side note, finding little hammers to buy is a real nightmare.  I tried multiple Lowe’s stores, trying to find the Build-N-Grow hammers, but everyone was out…no hammers for party favors here.


Keeping it all together, with the help of some Gorilla Glue and nails at the Tool Box Goodie Bag Station

After assembly, the next stop was the decoration station, where everyone used their artistic skills, and some cheap chip brushes from Harbor Freight, to add their personal flair to their toolboxes.   At the end of the table, the next stop was to use small F-Style Clamps and very nifty Varioclippx clamps that were donated by Bessey Tools. 


Decoration Station and Bessey Tools Bridge Builders


We used our Bessey Clamps to build Bridges, and our Klockit Tape Measures to judge the results.

Our little builders took turns seeing who could make the longest cantilever bridge out of spare MDF planks.  After assembly, we took the combination tape measures (Klock-it gave us a great deal on them for the party) and measured just how long we could reach.  The record came in at just over 5′- 2″.


Most Useful goodie bag EVER! Thanks to Gorilla Glue, Bessey Tools, and Klockit!

Each Attendee got to take home a goodie Toolbox that they created and decorated containing 2 Varioclippx and 2 4″ F-Style Clamps from Bessey Tools, a Klockit Tape Measure, a paint brush, and a Carpenter’s Pencil and stickers from Irwin Tools. (the kids all took off too quick for me to snag a picture of those)


What better way to entertain party goers than with a big pile of DIRT!



View of the Party…with the Gorilla Hand that Inspired it all hanging above.


PaPa helps big sister Izzie with her artwork.

In the end it was a huge success that would not have been possible without all the help from the great companies that supplied goodies for the Party.  I really dodged a bullet here, since my wife was able to turn my habits for collecting items into inspiration for a Party Theme.

It was a fun time with Food, Dirt, Paint, Tools, Presents, Cake, and an Inflatable Gorilla Hand.  What more could you ask for?


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