Never before has a Gorilla come so close to getting me into trouble.

While walking with my Father-in-Law in one of the few true Hardware stores left (Strausser’s in Kansas City) I happened to spy something on the ceiling. Two things that I have a Love for: Advertising items and Gorilla Glue.

Get a grip!

Disembodied Awesomeness

After the weekend, I got onto Twitter and sent a shout out to Gorilla Glue, on a lark, to see if they happened to have any of those left… it couldn’t hurt to ask, right? Unfortunately the reply came back that they did not have those anymore, se la vie, I guess. But I just had to be a jerk and pry a little further… Nothing in the warehouse, c’mon… We’ll see….

Later that day they tweeted back… they HAD found something. They had found a Gorilla Hand holding a roll of Gorilla Tape…”it’s yours if you want it”. OF Course I do! So on it came to a new home in Dozer’s Workshop.

A few Excruciatingly long days later, a large padded envelope shows up on the front porch…. WOW…. This package is much bigger than I had imagined. Imagine my surprise when a two foot tall hand is immediately grabbed and claimed by my daughter. I was expecting something around the 18” tall range… I was wrong.


Anyone who knows me knows that I have a tendency to “collect” things and enjoy engaging in internet shenanigans….and this has NOT gone unnoticed by my wife. And she sees yet another “Item” that has come to live at our house.

Only this time something clicked. She is determined to turn my evil abilities to good use. OK, you have a new challenge. Zach’s Birthday Party is coming up, and we need decorations. It is now YOUR job to make that happen.

Zach’s party has experienced a Theme shift. We were going to try something more along the lines of a Circus or Carnival theme….. B O R I N G!! and that has been done how many times before? Why not center a Party on something more fun and engaging, why not encourage the kids to get dirty and actually do something with their hands? How about a Theme featuring Tools and DIY activities?

So I have been spending some time reaching out to awesome companies that follow me on Twitter, and to others on the web that all seek to serve and preserve the way of life that keeps people productive. As of now, I have been able to get some fantastic assistance from the Great People at Gorilla Glue, Bessey Tools, Klockit, and Irwin Tools. I hope to add more to the list to really push this party over the top, but the support so far has been phenomenal. Sure there have been the “get lost” or “sorry we can’t help” Messages, but it doesn’t hurt to ask and no one owes me anything. No Harm, no foul.

Here’s Hoping we’ll get some more onboard, and we’ll be sure to post pictures of all of the activities as they occur.  Anyone have some good contacts that they are willing to share?  Activity ideas?


Grizzly contacted me today and let me know that they are going to send me a Banner for Decoration!  Fantastic!!  I will be sure to share pictures once things start showing up at the door. 


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  1. Dude – you’re crazy 🙂


  2. Great stuff. Nice you like gorilla glue, I also like PU glues. Many find them messy but as long as you think about your project they are awesome!

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