After failing miserably in the Alliance Rubber’s Messiest Garage Contest (I don’t honestly know how that happened) the burden still lays on me to get the workshop cleaned up.  Add to that the fact that we need to get the flooring done in our house.  I will need a place to work on that project, since I am putting in Laminate Flooring starting July 5th.

I have been needing to make more time for this project, but the only real time that I have is when I really should be sleeping.  Well the commitment has to be made to just steal a couple of hours of that sleep to donate to the shop.  It was an easy night to start, since sleep was a bit harder on a day where they cut 25 people loose at work.  10% layoffs are never fun, especially when your company really only has one Primary Client :-$

How Shall it Start:

Well for the purposes of this series, we can say that the shop has been both cleaner and dirtier, but it is still bad enough that this would be a good starting point.  Click on the picture below, it is a panorama by photosynth on my iPhone.  Not perfect, but you will get the idea.


The Before Shot


A couple of hours in the shop (and YES that felt Great) here is where I ended my progress at 2:30 am.  What you don’t see is the actual clear spot on the floor by the left side of the garage door where the laminate flooring was.

After what shall be called Session 1

You can almost see my Bandsaw over there!  the temperatures are not fun, the garage is insulated just right to keep it hotter than Hades from the day.  I put some items in the attic, and it was actually significantly cooer up there than it was in the garage.  Gotta dig that Bandsaw out!  I have a new Laguna Blade coming and I plan on using it to help me with the flooring install so I don’t have to use my scary Table Saw any more than necessary.

Oh Well, Keep moving forward.

Any thoughts are welcome, on anything from all the junk that I have, to tips about how to set up the shop to be a combo shop and family area.  Thanks for your time and hope you enjoy seeing the process.


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