So now that the existing wall has been Demo-lished… to a certain extent, it is time to get into the framing of the new wall. 

One of the problems that would have to deal with before the wall could really be all worked out was the wiring.  The existing switches for both rooms are now in what will be the new doorway and in the 3rd bedroom to boot.  How hard can it be to move a couple of switches around the corner.  Umm not quite as easy as I had hoped.

I am a smart guy, so I really wasn’t too concerned with burning down the house when doing the wiring (although my spine does get extremely rigid every time that I flip a breaker back on)  I am not an electrician, but I do have an engineer’s mind, though I work on the architecture side.  My challenge though is in updating an existing system to be in a different location and in reverse engineering exactly how they accomplished the original install.  Another big par of the challenge is that my house still has to be functional, and I am working amongst kids and a full time job. 

I took the opportunity while I was moving things to put in a little convenience feature.  Our wireless internet modem and router setup has lived on our dresser since we moved in.  We had to do this since we have to reset it manually about on a weekly basis… whatever… it works.  So I decided to add a cable outlet and a power outlet in the top of the new closet.  As an added bonus, I put a switch inline to the outlet as well… from the master bedroom.  Now the wireless router and modem can hide in our son’s closet, and we can reset it with a light switch in our room without getting into the closet.  That will be funny for whomever buys our house later on… there is a third switch for the master bedroom that controls a hidden outlet in another room, MWA HA HA!

One thing that I am really glad that I did, was to diagram out where the wiring was going to go.  wire takes up a LOT of stinkin space in an outlet box… and trying to reuse existing wiring is sometimes about the worst mistake you can make.  Trust me.  After many trips across the whole house in the attic, yanking on wires, and trying to figure out just what the original contractor was thinking, I finally got it worked out.  Mostly.

Our bedroom had only been without power for two days while I ran wire and drilled holes and wrangled copper.  when I turned it on for the first time, I had everything but the closet light and master bedroom fan working properly.  This is where I learned that mixing push-in connections and the screw posts does not always work.  I ended up putting all new wiring in the 3-Gang Master bedroom box.  Finally works like a charm, No fires yet 🙂  Oh and on light bulb baseplates, don’t listen to the words written  the terminal screws… just cut one wire and install it in-line.  Turns out the first time that I wired it directly to the breaker, and flipping the closet switch just shorted/ tripped the breaker.  Stupid.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but here is where I was at this point:


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