Who has the Messiest Garage? Well NOT me according to Alliance Rubber Company’s contest they just held for the messiest Garage. At least I am trying to use this as proof to my wife that it could be worse.

Here is my shop right now:


The funny thing is that this is actually in the process of being organized.  I have gotten to the point where everything just has to be boxed for he time being, so it will store neatly, then come back and unpack and organize.

We want it to become a combination shop and family space. A place where we all can come hang out, Like Izzie on our Chaise that my wife designed and we built back in college…


As hard as it is to believe, it has actually been cleaner, like in this panorama. I was even able to park a car in here for a whole stormy season as well.  But every tiem that we clean the house, where does it all go?  You guessed it, to the garage.


The Blogosphere to the rescue!  It has served as a good accountabiltiy tool so far in my weight loss goals (I am now down over 45 lbs) so it should be able to help me out here as well.

Just enjoy the ride with me as I get it all cleaned up and transformed into a functional shop and family space…and just thank your lucky stars that your shop/ garage doesn’t look like mine 🙂

Happy Friday!


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