I know this post has been a long time coming…but in the sequence below, you will see what happened since I hit the 30 lb mark.

What the WII thought of me…




Well this is interesting… since the first time that I stepped onto Wii fit, the meter marker just pegged off of the scale, presumably telling me that I was so morbidly obese that it wasn’t even worth creating a chart that my fat butt would fit on.  Thanks Nintendo…apparently this particular games’ designers’opinions of people are pretty low when a 5’6″ 218lbperson is just barely regestering under the tiptop of the scale.  Sheesh!





Dangit, an uptick…. This was the weigh-in I did right before Memorial weekend.  Well, I was a little worried about how I would do this time when travelling over a holiday weekend.


Phew!! Dodged



Say What, After abusing my self image for so long and telling me that I was essentially a Walrus who didn’t compare to any of the 600 anorexic game designers, NOW you are concerned about my health.  Um, Thanks.


And then you go and pull this on me.  I would be so UNHEALTHY if I weighed 137lbs, it would be able to blend in in Ethiopia.  I guess the Wii has no real clue what a real person is built like.  In Fact, the Dukan website that helps you set your goals from the beginning tells me that I should be trying to get down to 178 to be a good healthy weight.  Just a little discrepancy there, eh?  Whatever.


So its time to se the next goal…  I have actually decided to stop for now at 200lbs.  I have been putting the family in a holding pattern for a bit too long now.  Plus I have another plan…. I’ll clue you in in the next installment.

and I promise that I won’t make you wait so long.  (I’ll put a picture on that one… i figured people got tired of seeing the fatguy, so I thought that I woudl spare you for a while.)


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