What Do You Get  When You Cross…

I have the following items: Veneered sample board, Sheet Metal Flashing, Plastic Bag Clip, and an old calculator.  Tools:  Gorilla Glue, Crappy Chisel, Screwdriver, and pair of scissors.  Now what to do?  Cobble something together!


Gorrilla Glue is having a contest for user created projects using their glue.  I figured that I would use the opportunity to put myself soemthing together for this weekend.  My Dad has a booth at a craft fair in Cherryvale, KS for the Cherry Blossom Festival. http://www.lasr.net/travel/city.php?KS+cherryvale+cherry-blossom-festival&TravelTo=KS0611035&VE=Y&EventCategory=&Event_ID=KS0611035e001

I have been trying to tell him that it is time to start accepting Credit Card Payments, to help boost his business.  So I am gonig to do that for him.  I signed up for Square (who even sells the readers for your smartphone at Wally World) and now Ineed to set myself up a little pay station.


The first part, I formed some aluminum flashing (using my screwdriver ‘burnisher’ for folds, and cut to size with scissors) to act as a spring loaded holder for my iPhone in its Otterbox.  Nothing else like custom sized. 🙂  I think I threw away the belt clip holder a while ago after the clip broke… should’ve tried to fix it with Gorilla Glue… oh well, missed opportunities…  I will clip my phone to the board for a spot to enter transactions and have customers sign.



to make the calculator have good contact, I used my crappy ol chisel to shave off the feet… That’ll Do.  I used an old Fridge magnet clip that had lost its magnet to act as a receipt pad holder.  So once everything was properly Damped, Glued, and Clamped, see high tech clamping implements below, I let it sit for an hour to see how I did…


I managed to keep any glue off of my fingers….. since I used gloves….. liek the bottle says….. what a novel idea.  (just check @GorillaGlues Tweets for how often they have to tell people how to get it off…)  After the allotted time, I removed the clamps and, Viola!


I now have a nice little paystation with a freindly calculator to keep me from having to juggle too much junk this weekend.  Now that I can take Credit Cards easily… I might just have to have more Garage Sales 🙂  I still can’t wait for PayPal Here to finally go live for everyone.  I will likely switch to that and keep Square as a backup.


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    • Well the topics in this article aren’t quite what you are looking for, I’ll wager. But if I were you, I would go check out ToolSelect’s Communities on Google+. I am a moderator for a few of them, and if you are interested in opinions (and not just looking to advertise something) it can be a very valuable place to be. If you need more help getting there, please let me know.

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