The start of any good renovation is the deconstruction

First thing to come out was the door.  Easy enough.  but to start bringing down the required portion of wall, I needed to hire an accupuncturist.  Enter my handy little helper.  Once the wall actually felt like it needed to accept change, things started to move along nicely.

Piece by piece, things hit the floor.  the larger walls weren’t too bad.  We had built this particular wall to separate the Large Master Bedroom space into an adjoining office.  This was all before we found out we were going to be parents.  The extra space actually worked really well as a nursery.  We didn’t have to disturb the rest of the house (when we had visitors, and Izzie when her Brothter was in the nursery) with traipsing around the house and opening doors to crying babies.  Also cut out the need for a baby monitor in the bedroom… all plusses.

The space just needed to evolve.  Our Son is now over 11 months old, and it was time to truely separate this house back into the three bedroom layout it was supposed to be.

One regret that I have after the wall was put in originally… was being cheap.  I had run out of large drywall sheets  when I got to the nursery side of the door header… so my answer was to load it up with scrap and screws.  That meant a lot more plaster work at the time… and now I am paying for it by having to remove all of those flappin screws.  Not to mention the drywall just really doesn’t want to let go in pieces bigger than a quarter…  Next time:  Note to self: Do it right.

You might notice the items in the void.  For fun, I had placed some little army men in the void above the door.  Just as an added bonus for whomever was lucky enough to try to dismantel my handywork.  Talk about a backfire.  Good Job Genius!  Now YOU get to deal with it.

You may also notice the fact that the header is not really at the door opening.  ummmm… whoopsie.  A wise man once said:  Measure twice, Cut once.  Well… he forgot to say “Install the header at the door height, not 6″ above”  Though in retrospect… do you really need a header on a non load bearing wall?  I guess just to carry that little bit of weight from the drywall and plaster… it couldn’t hurt.  Although in my case, the extra 600 screws up there probably needed it.

The plan from here is to reuse half of the existing opening for the closet door, Open a doorway in the wall on the left, and put in a new separation wall in line with the existing bedroom door.  You see those switches in the left of the picture… Yup, Those will have to go.  Stay tuned for that fun piece of the puzzle.  Am I an electrician?  Only one way to tell.


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