Another week behind me and we are plunging into the Month of May. But will this be a giant Mayday call? How have I been doing?

After hitting the one month mark while still actually being on the diet ( No, that has not ever happened before) Jess has started to take more interested in finding more recipes we could share as a family. We took the plunge and purchased the recipe book as well as an app for the apple devices.

An actual question: would anyone be interested in recipes that we find that are family friendly? (can be eaten and enjoyed even by those not on the diet)

What did the Wii Think of Me?

This was the weigh-in that I did on Monday of this week. Wow, I am kindof slacking off. on the weigh-ins, but it still seems like I am making good progress.


On Wednesday, I realized that MayDay didn’t really help me out any.


One of the things that can ruin any good diet is monotony. We have ordered and received a Dukan Diet Cookbook, as well as gotten an app for our Apple devices. I have also been trying to experiment a little more. I guess that I got bored, so I thought to myself… why can’t I make Deviled Eggs. These were the really crude “made ot my desk” variety, and were simply yolks mixed with some whole grain mustard. Technically these would work for any day (P or PV) They tasted pretty good (would have been better with Mayo) but definately better than no change at all.


So that was Wednesday, so my results are below… time to stave off the stagnation. -.4 lbs… alright going back down!


So I took a little bit of time and read the Dukan recipie book (well, parts of it) and they have a version of “Bread” there. Pretty simple: yeast, yogourt, cornstarch, egg, fat free ricotta (or cottage cheese like I used) and some herbs. I LOVE Dill Bread, so I had to use Dill for mine. It creates a rather interesting texture, but with the dill, it works GREAT with tuna salad!


Yes, I said Tuna salad! I have found this neat line of foods from Walden Farms ( and I have a local store that carries the Miracle Mayo. WoW! there syrups, sauces, dressings, and mayos have been lifesavers. I never really realized how much I used that stuff… until, that is, I can’t anymore.


and apparently it is still working…

I will try to be a bit more reliable about sending my uploads… Sorry

Well here are the side by sides for you:

26LBS DOWN…  LOL I think that the elevation of my belly button is changing…take that Vesuvian man.


Currently at 227.2 ish

Beginning at 253.2 lbs


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  1. Paul says:

    Great Job Jon…You are right, Walden Farms has great stuff…..

  2. Matt Mendoza says:

    Brother, there is CERTAINLY a notable difference in your size now!! I can see the diameter of your arms is smaller, your stomach is definitely receeding, your neck is significantly smaller as well as your bulbous head! lol Man, keep it up ’cause it’s freakin’ working like a charm!! A buddy of mine bought the cook book and I was breezing through it last weekend and was shocked at how much is in it. I will be hitting Hastings manana and picking one up myself. Dude, you’re doing excellent. Keep after it and I hope you keep getting these excellent results. By the way, have you monitored your blood pressure throughout this diet? If it was high before, it literally takes only days to get it down to a normal range!

    • My blood pressure had always been normal… even took a complete Metabolic Panel and I was all normal across the board. That is why I had never really made too much effort to try to lose too much… there was nothing Medically wrong with me. (that even made a friend of mine jealous) Now Mentally… That is a whole different Dr. Phil story…

  3. Matt Mendoza says:

    Oh, and I noticed we can actually see the door and door frame behind you now! Man, I’m excited for you!

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