OK, It is time that I actually get to it and put some woodwoorking and things that I have worked on by hand on my blog.  That is, in reality, why I started this blog in the first place.

Some Background

Our house is a 2-bedroom 1350 sq ft home on a sloping lot with a really tall crawlspace.  We have 2 children now, so we can find ourselves a bit inconvenienced by having our newest family living in our room…. well…. just off of our room.  When we bought the house, it had a very large master Bedroom.  The original floor plan was meant for a three bedroom, but the lady having it built wasn’t interested in the extra “room” and opted to leave the end two conjoined.

Not too long after we moved into the house, we decided that it would be nice to close off some of the space and make ourselves an office.  We didn’t want to hassle with moving switches, so we just left the switches in our bedroom and placed a divider wall with a french door.  Not a bad solution, we thought. 

When we found out we were expecting about a year later, we promptly banished the office equipment to the “spare” bedroom, and set it up as a nursery off of the master.  This really turned out to be quite a good solution.  We had access to the baby easily without having to leave our room.  Yet we could still close it off for noise control and keeping our room usable after bedtime.

We knew we were going to outgrow the space, so we began thinking about selling.  We found out that the house of our size, being a two bedroom, just would not sell (as we were now deep inside the housing crisis value freefall), even with the Bonus Room we had added.  We realized we just had no other choice but to convert it to a third bedroom, as the original plan had likely intended.

Life moved on, and the project kept being put off, Child number two arrived, and we are really starting to strain the space we have.  Along with a tax refund came the call to action.  “Convert the Bedroom!” it said.  And so we would. 

Below we have two pictures of the before conditions.  Please excuse the mess (sorry Jess).  These were panoramas stitched together from my iPhone on Photosynth.  The first room with brown walls is our Master Bedroom.  The second with green walls is the existing condition of the nursery.

More Posts will follow with the unfolding process.  Hope you have as much fun as we have!  Enjoy!




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