Here we are at the official end of a month.  I started on the 26th of April, and have managed to hang on this long… definately a personal best. 

Last weekend was fun.  We went down to the In-Laws house since they are getting ready to move to St. Louis.  There we spent the weekend sorting things and decided to have an impromptu Garage Sale in the Process.  I got plenty of exercize getting things ready for the sale, and helping with certain upkeep projects to prepare the house for sale.

It is always a challenge sticking to a diet routine when you are in someone else’s turf, but luckily I grilled up enough Deer Steak and chose my evening meals appropriately to keep myself in line.  Though it can be really hard when you go buy donuts for everyone in the mornings… 😛  It’s all mind over matter, right. 

Naturally, My last weigh in before the trip was Thursday Morning, and I did not get to weigh-in again until Monday.  I was hoping I did well…

What did the Wii Think of Me?



This was last Wednesday’s weigh-in… blarg, Gain sucks.


AUGH!  Thursday Morning…. make it stop….  At least it is slowing down…. and hopefully the trip won’t blow me out of the water…. though whales live in the water…. perhaps I could find a cozy reef… 🙂


And here is Monday Morning…. Sa-Weet!  the weekend didn’t win…. Travelling is possible.  And I am returning after a trip to Lambert’s on Sunday Afternoon.  I might have even snuck in a few pieces of their Fried Okra but was good enough to resist the Thrown Rolls and Sorghum Molasses… though I didn’t want to resist.


-4.9lbs!!! in one day?!?!?  NO  just kidding…. it didn’t save the results from the picture above…  But it still amounts to 1.6 lbs down from Monday Morning.


Tuesday Morning!  and another 1.3 for me!  Yay! 

Last week I calculated my total based on 252 as a starting weight… but really, when I looked back at in the beginning, I was weighing in at 253.2 ish.  That would bring the Total to 21.5 lbs overall.

21.5 LBS DOWN!

The side by sides:


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