The End of Week Three

Well I wasn’t too good at weighing in this week, but I did a few times anyhow.  I tried something new this weekend, smaller clothes.  When I started this little experiment, I was starting to strain my 44 waisted pants, and needed to wear a XXL shirt to prevent the spandex look.  I had definately noticed my clothes fitting better, but had my first real proof this week.  Jess and the kids went shopping and bought daddy a new t-shirt to match Izzie’s.  I now have my first Batman shirt in XL, and it looks pretty decent.  So I decided to rummage through the smaller clothes drawer for some shorts this weekend, and decided to go for the Gusto…  I tried to try on a pair of 38’s…. NOPE, Not Happening…. lol, it was worth a shot.  But I was able to wear around a pair of 40s.  They are still tight like the 44s were getting, but acceptable.  Though I will just stick to my 42s for now 🙂 I can now wear XL shirts without emabrrasing myself too. 

We did some experimenting with food as well.  Jess found this great recipie for Lasagne that completely falls on my plan.  I’ll share it if anyone is interested, but essentially we took lean meat, chopped onions, broccoli, and spinach, tomato sauce, Fat Free Cottage cheese, Fat Free Mozzarella, and used sliced Zucchini in place of noodles.  It really has more flavor than our regular lasagna, and the whole family will eat it.  One other experiment I did was a fail.  I steamed some cauliflour and tried some spenda and milk in it.  lol, i mixed/ mashed it down to about the consistancy of tapioca pudding… but it was too much of a mental block to get over.  I know there are recipies for fake mashed potatoes, but I have not gotten that one figured out yet…  LOL, I guess it was worth the try.  Tip:  use the food processor.  You can’t get a smooth texture with a mixer like ‘taters.  I have one other cauliflour experiment in mind, I’ll let you know how it goes…

What did the Wii Think of me


Missed Wednesday’s Weigh-in… This was Thursday Morning


Friday Morning… finally making some headway deeper into 230s territory


Sunday Morning:  I have had a really hard time getting Weighed-in on Saturday for some reason 🙂


This morning. 

I feel better and will just keep on cruisin along.  I was a little bad though.  I might go a bit faster, but I have kindof fallen into the routine of the weekends being Protein and Veggie Days; MW&F being Protein Days; and Tuesday/Thursday as midweek Protein Veggie Days.  We do have a travelling weekend coming up, so it could get interesting.

Starting from 252 down to about 237.5  Almost 15 lbs down….

Progress Shots

Its Monday, so here are the eye melters for the week… you’ve been warned.

hmmm it almost looks like I am developing a neck…



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