Here we are, at the end of my second week, after plunging headfirst into the Cruise phase of the plan.  I find myself at the end of the week not quite as far along as I would like to be, but you know what… not everything in weight loss is pounds.  I have definately noticed my clothing fitting much better, and the trips up the four flights of stairs to my Cube are getting easier.  Maybe since I am pounding down so much protein, I am starting to pack on more muscle mass as I lose the fat.  We’ll see.  I can physically feel that I feel lighter and less clunky… great feeling.

What did the Wii Think of me this Week?


This is the weigh-in from Tuesday Morning (4/3)  Even the WiiMee didn’t want to see the scales going up. 


(4/4) Argh!  Not two in a row going up.  Well I guess that I should have known that some would rebound after a strong start.


( 4/5) -.2 lbs. not great, but at least heading back in the right direction…


(4/6) Okay, Now it looks like we might be picking up steam!


OOPS I missed the weigh in for Saturday, too much stuff going on around the house getting ready for visitors.  So here is the weigh-in on Sunday 4/8


Not much Progress to show for Monday morning (4/9)  but still going down.  C’mon, Dover! *see if you get that reference*


Ahhh, That’s better.  (4/10) weigh-in this morning.  Monday was stressful.  But I guess anything that helps is a blessing, right?

SO What’s The Total?

I started off at 252.5lbs roughly, and am now down to about 240.  Not too shabby in my book, 12.5lbs down in two weeks.  and below is the side by side pictures of the beginning vs last night.  avert your eyes now, or scroll down at your own risk.

The Beginning 03/26

Evening of 04/09


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  1. Matt Mendoza says:

    Brother, keep with it. There are certainly fast-paced losses and some momentary gains in the diet, but it all works out in the end. I believe you’re correct in the fat loss/ muscle gain observation of this. With as much protein as what’s being taken in it doesn’t take long or much effort to gain size with major muscle groups. I’ve actually got lats now, which I’ve NEVER had- EVER. The mid-section is much, much smaller, though it is the slowest to go away. Overall, I’m completely pleased with how my program has been going and you will be, too. Personally, I don’t check my weight everyday just because not seeing constant progress can discourage me, personally. I know you do it for the blog, but do let slow/ no loss get you down. The changes are happening one way or another.

  2. Paul Mendoza says:

    Jon, an awesome start. I am proud of you also fitting i the exercise component. , 20 min wlak or something like that. Sounds like you have opte for the stair climbing routine at work…nice. Keep after it. —Dad

    Incidentally, we started another workout challenge at my office. My team is called the Sneaky Bullets. Matt and I are doing a 25 mile bike ride on the 21st and I am trying to talk him into doing another one on the 6th. The 1st is to raise care package funds for troops overseas and the second is part of the exercise challenge at work. Keep cruisin!

  3. Paul Mendoza says:

    Sorry about the spelling errors…I forgot to tell you that Bev is also doing the 25 miler on the 6th..strange ….huh?

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