I have been a little lax on getting posts done, but at least I have been taking the pictures.  I have now made it through the intensive attack phase of the diet.  I chose to do 8 days (Monday through Monday).  From this point on until I reach my goal weight, I will be on an alternating schedule of one Pure Protein Day, and one Protein and Vegetable day.  They don’t have to be one for one, but it is said that his method help prevent falling off of the wagon.

What did the Wii think of Me?

The first Picture is the Weigh-in on Saturday night, It was a pretty good day.  I did something wierd with the weigh in, and tried a different test, but it didn’t show on the screen like I wanted, so when I reweighed, it showed the BMI a little higher.


This is the weigh in from Sunday.  I was a little shocked, but stoked!  I was wondering what could have made so big of a difference.


And then reality came back 🙂  I think there was a toy or something under the foot of the scale on the last one… you can’t tell I have children, eh? but the results even tehmselves back out.


So the recap of the Attack Phase: When I started the actual Diet, I weighed in at about 253.3 lbs.  8 days later, I am down to about 242.5 lbs.  10.8 lbs isn’t that bad, as far as I am concerned.

I can feel my pants fitting better, and even if you can’t tell too much difference in the photos below, there are differences.




There’s not much visual difference, but my arms are already able to rest closer to my sides… my man boobs are apparently shrinking.  I think I can tell a difference in my face and hands, but that isn’t something I can tell in the picture.  Oh well, Keep at it.



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