Well I got a little bogged down and couldn’t get my post up Yesterday.  But I made it through days four and five.  I am now halfway through the attack phase.  Protein is expensive, but thank goodness for free deer steaks.  quite good when cooked correctly.


Thank goodness for deer steak!

At the end of the day i am going through… not too much to bore you about, so I will get to it:

What the Wii Thought of me:

The giant glass of water I drank just before weigh in probably didnt help.  It is still minus, so, ok by me.


Friday sped through without too much fanfare… and the steaks were good. 🙂


There, thats better!! Now, in total, I am down 7.6 lbs.  Take that, diet estimator thinking I’d only lose 5.5.


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  1. Matt Mendoza says:

    Dude! I’m totally stoked for ya, brother!! I’m telling you I just could not believe how well this doggone diet worked for me. I have never (even through basic training) been in this good of shape. I still have some toning to do here and there, but the overall results are fantastic. At this point, I am smaller now than what I have been since AT LEAST ’99 and energy is way up there. The muscle tone was a shocking added bonus. I was just expecting to get thinner, not acutally bulk up and fill out as I have. I’m still not happy with what I see in the mirror (just because once you like what you see, you’ve lost the battle and quit trying), but can’t help but be proud of the achievements and finally feel good about the image looking back at me. Doesn’t really even seem to be me, actually. Anyhow, continue doing what you’re doing and you’ll be nothing but pleased with it. Good luck, bro!

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