On we march to Day number three.  I’m still hanging in there!  I happen to have a lot of deer steak in my freezer, so I grilled up enough Backstrap to make it through the day.  Protein is expensive, so I might as well clean out the freezer, right?  I think I ate more steak and meat today than I did normally.  For Dinner, I made some chicken Breasts.  AHHH, Lowry’s Seasoned salt is my friend. 

It’s kinda sad and funny all at the same time, but now since I am NOT joining the family on the side dishes that I make to go with the Protein dish, we are having a lot more “Left-over”.  Thinking back, there was a LOT that I would eat, just so it didn’t go to waste.  When in actuality all it did was rearrange its spelling.  Instead of going to waste, it went to my waist.  Well, Those days are over, right…Maybe the dogs will start eating better…

On a side note, it can truly be said that men lose weight faster than women.  I do feel bad and try not to make a big deal out of my diet at home (hense the Blog), since it is harder for my wife to see a difference.  She is on a diet that really only expects about 30 lbs over a 6 month period.  It gets frustrating for her since she is losing so much slower.  She can’t really go on a good diet that would really be super effective like this one, though.  She is HypoGlycemic and just needs the complex carbs that so many diet plans hinge on removing.  SO I will gloat to you all here a bit, in hope of keeping it in check at home 🙂

What did the Wii Think of me?

It looked like the trend was starting to shallow out after Day Two, and I had had more carbs than I had hoped in the “fatfree” yogurt, so I wasn’t too optimistic when I stepped onto the scale Wednesday Night.  But…..

Wii Fit from 03/28

Pleasantly surprised at weigh-in tonight

OK, I’ll take it!The Website Expected me to lose about 5.5 lbs in the attack phase… I’m up to 4.7… If I can keep this pace up for the next 4 days, I should be in good shape, figuratively speaking.PS: the website sucks and will not let me into the forums to comment…thanks for that…And I really don’t see the need to pay Hundreds of dollars for coaching.  It may be beneficial if you just really need that support… but hey, I’m a guy, so…. 🙂


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