Day Two

Day two comes and goes, and I hope that I am starting to fall into a rhythm.  My wife about had a heart attack when she asked if I needed anything from the store.  I said I needed eggs.  LOL  Her Jaw dropped as she reminded me that she just bought an 18 pack yesterday.  Well, when you are eating 9 boiled eggs and 2 eggs in an omlet a day…it adds up quick.  At least they are still pretty cheap, as a real-food source of pure protein goes.  The 9 eggs go 3 at a time for morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack.  I don’t eat the yolks, except for in the omlet, to prevent there being an issue with cholesterol. 

I did make a bit of a misjudgement though.  I thought that fat free yogurt was just universally accepted…. um not quite.  Be careful if it has fruit bits or Corn Syrup (sugar) in addition to the aspertame sweetener.  Oh well.  The book says this may slow down my weight loss, but isn’t too bad if it is limited to 8 oz. a day.  I only had the one “cup”, so I just squeaked by.  We’ll see tonight if it hurts me too much.

One other thing that I found out.  The diet mentions that fat free dairy products are ok…. but apparently Fat Free Cheese (like cheddar and mozzarella) are NOT.  SInce the are so processed in order to remove the fat and retain melting, they can cause a stagnation in your weight loss.  They should be used sparingly.  Oh Well again!  Thankfully I didn’t really use too much, mostly because the stinking stuff is so expensive.

What did the Wii think of me?

Hopped on the ol Wii again, and we are down another 1.1 lbs.  I am making sure to wear the same clothes and all.  The calculator on says they expect me to lose 5.5lbs during this first 6 day “attack” phase.  I guess I am pretty much on track with a total of 1.7 lbs lost so far.  (the 10 lb goal I set on Wii revealed a rounding error)


Funny, I just noticed that my phone camera can “see” the tracking lights coming from the sensor bar in the lower left corner of the picture… NICE!  Sorry, I am also a Nerd.


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  1. Paul Mendoza says:

    Jon, sounds great but also sounds like a lot of eggs. One of the things we did here was to go to our freindly Walmart and get a carton of the egg substitute/ which is whites only and the Southwestern substitute which is also egg whites only but has a little spice to it. We also got those individual packets of sliced turkey and chicken that come 90 calories per packet and some Jeneo turkey. . Just a thought and not that costly…. Keep up the good work….Dad

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