Day one:

After the first day, I am not feeling too bad about this whole thing…I think I should be able to stick to it pretty reliably. I may, however, cause egg prices to skyrocket in my area. This whole eating only protein thing can get expensive! For me, the cheapest most available source of protein is eggs. I guess its good that I like ’em.

I think this is the first day that I can remember that I was actually able to list everything that I ate and drank… kindof a wierd thought. I may have been able to do that in college, but its not too hard to remember Ramen noodles and soda.

With a bit of morning preparation, I just took a cooler to work with my snacks and food. Not too terrible hard to do. The only problem is that I run a bit of a snack shop at my desk. Since vending machines are so expensive, I have cheaper stuff that I buy in bulk at Sam’s Club available to share/sell to my coworkers. Don’t fail me willpower! its quite shocking just thinking about how many times I would just grab something to snack on in an average day.


Well I made it through.  Dinner was fun, only eating the protein while the family got biscuits w/ honey butter, rice, and veggies… but such is life.  Part of my diet list is 1-1/2tbs of oat bran… and yogurt.  I have NEVER been able to eat yogurt.  Not even as a kid.  I just mixed the oat bran in with the yogurt to change the texture, and did what I had to do.  I think at some point I can move from the plain greek yogurt to something flavored, maybe that will be better…

What’s the Wii Think of me?

So at the end of the first day, it was time to hop up on the Wii, and the result… drumroll…. 1.5lbs lost.  I’ll take it… not bad for one day, I guess.  Hope it keeps ups, and maybe accelerates… maybe the culture shock for my body to be doing something healthy for a change will keep it steady.  I am still taking a picture each day… hoping to do a time lapse type of thing, but I will limit those to Mondays here, to spare you guys too much grief and eyestrain.



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