Prelude to a Diss

The time has come for to be a loser. Of weight that is. It has been shown that people do much better on a diet whenever they are held accountable for their results. I will hardly be the first or the last person to start a personal Blog to document their weight loss.

I have actually had really great results with diets in the past. I will start to rapidly lose weight, but then something in life gets me distracted. I give in and make excuses to quit. Time to be accountable.

Here, at the beginning, I stand. For the past several years, I have hovered in between 250-260. This has proven to be “normal” for me. There really is no reason that should be normal. I left high school wearing 32″ waisted jeans and weighing about 160. The weight came to about 180 in my freshman year, then climbed to about 230 by the time I left college in 2005. Not too much change since then really, but still nowhere near where I should be.

My diet plan that I will be following this time will be the Dukan Diet. I have had others in my family have amazing results with it, and now it is my turn to man up.

Where am I now?

Starting off I am weighing in a little over 253lbs. Here is what the Wii thinks of me:


And for the faint of heart, I warn you now. It is not pretty but it must be done: below is the before picture… I wish that I could say that I was hiding behind the fat guy…. But…. It might be fun to have some photoshop fun if I have some good after photos.












I figure by now you realize what you are getting into, and will make my future posts a bit easier to navigate.



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  1. RavinHeart says:

    Good luck man … about 2 years ago I decided to loose too .. i managed to drop a little over 85 lbs … I have managed to keep it off … all but the 10 that keeps sneaking back on then going away and back n forth … need any encouragement yell … or tweet 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment and good job on your own progress. I don’t mind the extra 10 lbs, its the extra 100 that I need to purge… 🙂 I’ll have a bird yell for me if I hit too big of a roadblock.


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