Here was my comment to the proposed mandate to require flesh sensing safety devices on all future tablesaws.  The comment period ends tomorrow, Hurry up and have your say!

Click here for the website to make your comment:!documentDetail;D=CPSC-2011-0074-1016 

My comment can be tracked with the following reference number: 80fd81fe

To  whom it may concern:

The market should be allowed to dictate whether a technology similar to the SawStop should be included in a particular product.  If a consumer chooses to purchase an item without this safety device integrated into the equipment, they are taking the liability upon themselves.  If the consumers decide that flesh sensing technology must be included for a saw to be safe, the market will respond by including them in the product.  Not adapting would put the manufacturer at risk of losing marketshare or going out of business.
Placing a widespread mandate that every saw must include a certain technology can have unnaceptable strain on the market.  The cost to suddenly have to develop and implement the required technology will cause the prices of these tools to skyrocket.  This will cause many with more modest budgets to not be able to afford the tool, driving business down and costing jobs.
Then what happens to older equipment that does not have these features.  Will the re-sale of older equipment be regulated or restricted? How many peiple will suddenly have an investment in a tool prior to this technology being applied be suddenly rendered worthless?
Bottom line, it is up to the consumer to decide what is safe enough for them to buy.  We must be trusted to make that decision for ourselves, though many in elected leadership may believe us unable.  It is my decision whether or not to use the safety equipment.  Any consequenses of that action are my own.
Furthermore, what happens if someone bypasses the technology, or needs to cut a material that may be conductive?  There are way too many if’s to imagine that simply mandating a safety feature wil make a saw safe.  Safety is in the hands of the end user.


I may not have formatted it super nicely, but there it is…at least I had my chance to say something.  For the record, I think the technology is wonderful, and I woud love to own one someday.  My someday is not today, says my wallet.


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