Well I guess that I have just gone live on worpress as a blog site. 

Of course, these are all going to suck at first, and probably long afterward.  I will have to figure out what the best way is to link this into my website, which can be foud at www.dozersworkshop.com .  I did play around a bit with adding a blog to my personal website, but it seems like this is going to be a much better way with much better tools for formatting and networking.

Then it will be the fun part of committing to a regular update schedule…I should probably do at least one update a week, right?  Maybe I will go ahead and write a few posts here at the beginning to just get everything up to speed.

Wish me luck, or condemn me, whichever is your style.  Time to give it a go!


About dozersworkshop

Just little ol' me...if you need to know more, I'll tell you if you ask.

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