Back in the Saddle: To Repair and Refinish

It’s been a while since I posted last, and there have been several changes in life.  Just a quick rundown: I’ve changed Jobs twice, gained another kiddo, moved, and gotten about 3-1/2 years older.  …Have I been lazy ;-)…

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Having fun with Mr. Legoman

I’ve recently started a new project, working on a new bed for my son.  As always, I am easily distracted, so when I had this urge, I just had to go with it.

I always enjoy getting close to the work and trying to see things from a new perspective, so I thought of a fun way to capture that perspective that we so often miss…  Enter: Mr. Legoman.

In the Hall of the Clamping King.

In the Hall of the Clamping King.

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Transitionally Speaking!


So I am in the process of creating Transition Strips for my home to help give the flooring areas in my home a more complete feel… typically, I would have just done the “normal” thing and bought the premade items from the store when I installed my laminate flooring…. I have to admit I about had a heart attack when I saw the price tag on those things….

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Planely Speaking

Anyone ever have this happen to you? You buy a vintage plane from a flea market and set to restoring it, only to expose a dent in the process of cleaning up/lapping the sides on the granite slab….


Oh well, guess I won’t be attaching a fancy fence or using this one as a shooting plane… But it still makes shavings that a four year old can enjoy!


I’m totally floored

This Past august I undertook the task of replacing the carpet in the main living areas. The carpet that was installed when we moved into the house was very cheap and showed every bit or dirt almost immediately as a stain. No matter how many times and how thuroughly I would deep clean it, it would just show right back up. Below are some before shots of the install:

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Straightening Up the Shop

This past Saturday I got an opportunity to rework the shop a bit and make it more usable. The first job was to empy everything out of the Garage and to clean the space. I had the pleasure of sharing the time with my kiddos… Only a tiny bit of sarcasm… I really do enjoy having them around, but it does slow things down. Oh well, I just try to remember that getting them in the habit of spending time with me in the shop is smart now, so they will want to participate later….when they can actually follow instructions.

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We’ll Miss You, ToolSelect!

As you may or may not have noticed, the company behind the website of has ceased operations.


I started noticing in July that there was little to no interaction with the tweets that I was sending, and that video posts were coming slower and slower. Not to mention that point redemtions were going unfulfilled. I had ordered a 10 coMANdments poster with points for my dad for Father’s Day, but it never arrived. Continue reading

Party Planned…. and Executed!

This post is a bit slow in coming, sorry, but Life doesn’t like to slow down for my keyboard, apparently.

Previously, I have shared the story of what happened when one too many freebies showed up on my doorstep and the mandate to apply my skills to planning my Son’s Brithday Party.

The time came and we were able to throw a fun party for a great little boy.  It is definately the only kid’s party that I have ever seen that has included corporate sponsors. Continue reading

Party Planning, On a Workshop Blog?!? Updated

Never before has a Gorilla come so close to getting me into trouble.

While walking with my Father-in-Law in one of the few true Hardware stores left (Strausser’s in Kansas City) I happened to spy something on the ceiling. Two things that I have a Love for: Advertising items and Gorilla Glue.

Get a grip!

Disembodied Awesomeness

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Small Triumphs

OK, I know that this is pretty sad to celebrate, but I have to take what I can get sometimes. I have had a pretty sad little website for a little over a year now, and this site is just infinately better. SO now, automatically takes you to my WordPress site…. its kinda silly how hard this was for me to finally find the right button to make it happen. Happy Friday!